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Cocooning, a relocation service company offers direct, personalised and flexible solutions to companies, institutions and private clients. 

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Since 2002, Cocooning has acquired a know-how in the conception and implementation of complete and tailored solutions, serving your company and employees and you as a private customer. We provide access to services which simplify everyday life, contribute to wellbeing and improve performance.

It is with devotion that the team is caring for you and shares professionalism of 20 years of relocation experience, knowledge and network. Adaptation, flexibility, humility and well caring are our core values, which allow us to understand different customer profiles and needs.


Paying special attention to the relationship with you, your satisfaction is the goal of the Cocooning team.

Meet the team


Anya Govaert


Angie de Voogd


Sylvia Jumelet

Hey Cocooning dream team… Who are you?


Anya: Owner of Cocooning since 2002, I have evolved with the business, proud to have relocated a big number of managing collaborators working for different industries both established headquarters/companies or implemented in the area and institutions.

Angie: Coming from the other side of the country, I moved to Lausanne almost 20 years ago. I fell in love with the area of Lake Leman and enjoyed living in Lausanne and now in Morges. Honestly, I had difficulties to start finding my path through integration, bothered by practical things, the language barrier, etc.

Now, I am almost a local with lots of empathy for newcomers.

Sylvia: From the Netherlands, the job of my husband brought us to Switzerland. I do not think we will ever leave again....:-). 

During my professional career I mainly worked in the International Hotel industry where it became my second nature to deliver memorable guest experiences; focusing on customers and meeting their needs is what I enjoy doing the most. 

How did you gain your experience to work in relocation at Cocooning?

Anya: Holder of a bachelor’s degree in hospitality management delivered by the Hotel Management School of Lausanne (EHL), I was curious about relocation being at that time a relatively new service in the HR branch. Belgium citizen, I grew up in Africa, relocation was naturally made for me.

Angie: I am passionate collaborating with people coming from all over the world. I am practical, human and I have never stopped developing soft skills and corporate communication in continuous training. Many years of professional experience in HR and HR Mobility of an international company made me understand our client’s needs.   

Sylvia: Going through the process of moving to a foreign country myself has been the best experience and preparation to work as a Relocation Consultant at Cocooning.

What are your characteristics?   

Anya: I am solution-oriented, efficient and hands-on. We are offering personalized services according to the client’s budget and needs. With my network and big smile, I will make your relocation well organised and stressless. 

Angie: I focus on the delivery and the wellbeing of the client. Being flexible and human is on the top of the list of qualities.

Do I have to list my weaknesses too? If so, gladly I am not a Computer Engineer or a Mathematician.   

Sylvia: Here, I have to tell you a secret.....the actual reason I moved to Switzerland is that I am totally in love with Roger Federer. I have had the opportunity to see him play for his country in the Davis Cup tournament in 2014, along with my wedding day, the best day of my life:-) So, you can say I am a sporty person, but I also love to wine and dine (hence my choice for the hotel business). I am a positive, energetic person who always approaches projects and problems with a pragmatic approach. I love to meet new people and I cannot wait to show you around in the 'Lake Geneva' area.


Exploratory trip
Discovery Trip NEW
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An exploratory trip is an essential step to get to know the new environment before deciding where to drop definitively your suitcases. As per our motto, never make up a first impression, it is our duty to awake your interest in the area and to response to your doubts. The visit includes a short tour of the region, a visit of a potential houses enabling a feel of the housing market as well as eventually a visit of the school and other places to experience the way of life in Switzerland. 

Exploratory trip

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Immigration process

Our job starts with advising you on your visa and residency permit procedure according to your citizenship. We file the permit request on your behalf and accompany you to the local authorities.