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Practical Tip - Schooling - Which day care solutions for pupils are available?

Updated: Feb 1

Timetable in Swiss state’ schools are not convenient for working parents. Depending on the commune/city: 8:45 – 12:05, 14:00 – 15:40, All students: Wednesday pm off, First Primary Year: 4 afternoons off. ☹

State day care solutions:

Compulsory school years (up to year 11): Extracurricular institutions offer childcare outside lessons (morning, lunch, afternoon). It includes travel between the school and the institution. It may be extended to school holidays. Usual opening hours are from 7 am to 6.30 pm, depending on the structure.

These are mainly institutions known as « units d'accueil pour écoliers » (UAPE), « accueil pour enfants en milieu scolaire » (APEMS).

Please note: Réseau (Network ), the after-school-care institution is part of the state’s network. Depending on the address of your home, you will subscribe to the corresponding network of your commune/city, a space is attributed at the nearest institution and corresponding to the child’s age group. Important to subtribe early, some networks have long waiting lists. Costs as per income, sibling discount apply.

Alternative solutions:

State school’s lunch and supervised homework: This is a separate offer to the above listed institutions and is not part of the said networks. Check your commune’s website for information and subscription form.

Nanny: Upsides are flexibility, stressless, extra support in the home, individual attention for the children and regular date nights. Downside is the high costs in Switzerland:

CHF 24.75/h brut Salary, 45 hours weekly, paid 4 weeks’ vacation, social security payments

Private day care solutions: You will find day care solutions in the same list “after school institutions”. Costs might be higher.

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