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Cross-cultural tips No 2

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

At first sight, Swiss people may appear a little cold. You may organize a housewarming party, a perfect occasion to meet and greet with neighbors. It is so much easier to break the ice around a glass of wine!

Swiss like nature and are in general very sporty. They go hiking, biking and swimming in the rivers (Rhein, Aare) and lakes in summer, skiing in winter. Joining a leisure club allows to share a passion with others and build up your network.

Champagne is cheaper in Switzerland than in France! And this is due to tax on goods. But let’s face it: Switzerland is expensive! Food and beverages are often local products, salary and costs of living are high. However, the origin of the products is important and transparently labeled. Pay attention to sale, which happens in the months of January and August.

Zweifel is our Swiss made crips brand. Rivella is our national nonalcoholic beverage made out of milk serum.

Most popular grocery stores are : Coop, Migros and you are either or! Migros does not sell alcohol or tobacco, Coop sells international brands, Migros has its own brand. Aligro is famous for big quantities, Americans and other nationals being used to big quantities may become Aligro-lovers.

There is lots to visit on week-ends, here a few examples:

- Chocolate Museum Maison-Cailler

- Gruyère museum Musees-en-Gruyere

- Bull combat “Combats des reines” (March to May) Calendrier-des-combats-de-reines

- Outdoor playground at Signal de Bougy signaldebougy

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