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Cross-cultural tips No 3

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

Once you start looking at the Swiss job market, you probably wonder about the best practices and traps to avoid in your job search process.

We have some tips for you:

Honesty and modesty: We would say that the words “honesty” and “modesty - at least to a certain extent -" can serve as guidelines during the recruitment process. Indeed, do not lie on any professional aspect mentioned in your CV and do not oversell yourself outrageously. The subtlety consists in finding the right words to shed positive light on your experiences and skills, as well as developing a self-marketing that reflects transparency and inspire trust to your interlocutor. Among others, you should be ready to talk about possible weaknesses and failures while demonstrating that you have learnt your lesson and will be able to do better in the future.

Use formal address (vous) at the interview:Swiss firms generally use de form of politeness with their collaborators. Unless you have been explicitly told differently, use the formal forms of address with your interviewer. However, international companies have introduced policies of informal address but this you will learn before the interview.

Facebook & co : Social media can ruin your job search application. Make sure you don’t post anything you would not feel comfortable sharing with the recruiter.

Eye contact: Seek for regular eye contact with the interviewer, which is important in Swiss culture.

Taboo: Your future employer is not allowed to ask you anything about your plans of having a family.

Curious for more tips? You may contact us to arrange your personal “Dual Career” or “Job Search” support !

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