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Cross-cultural trips No 1

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

Some surprising facts about Switzerland:

Flag: Switzerland is the only nation with one of square flag instead of a rectangular.

Interdiction of eating while driving in Switzerland: Don’t drive and eat Bretzels on the same time 😊!

Annual siren testing: The sudden noise of the alarm is surprising; it is happing Swiss-wide in February!

Geo: The biggest Swiss lake is Neuchâtel-lake as we share the Lake-Lemon and Lake of Constance with our neighboring countries.

Emancipation: Swiss women are running behind in comparison with other Northern European countries. The right to vote was introduced in 1971 and many mothers still don’t work.

Gifts: Never come empty handed even for a coffee!

Tipping: Unlike in the many other countries in the world, Swiss don’t tip much. They may ro

und up the bill or add 5-10 CHF for a meal for 2.

Safety: In prevention of an atomic event, each inhabitant must have a protected place in a shelter located near his place of residence and reachable within a reasonable time

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