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Integration - Dual career – Creating my Swiss resume

Should you include a picture on your resume or CV in 2022?

If the answer to this question is "no" in many countries - especially in the Anglo-Saxon countries, due to anti-discrimination and labor laws - it is a different story in Switzerland where the presence of a photo can be considered as a plus in the job search. Indeed, a photo gives dynamics to the CV like the images on a web page. Moreover, it can create a faster link between the recruiter and the applicant by putting a face on words. But this must be done under certain conditions: The photo must be used as a self-marketing tool and therefore be taken, if possible, by a professional. The clothes you choose must correspond to the type of job you are applying for. Your smile is essential to increase your sympathy capital and the photo must be similar to the one you present on Linkedin in order to give a coherent image of yourself. Check the pictures of you on other social networks which should also give a good impression, although a more private touch is of course possible on non-professional networks.

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