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Practical tip – Integration - Driving license exchange

Updated: Mar 15

If you hold a valid foreign driving license and you move to Switzerland, you have 12 months from your arrival to exchange your foreign license for a Swiss document.

You can either go in person to the offices of automobiles in Nyon, Lausanne, Yverdon-les-bains or Aigle or send your documents per mail. We recommend the latter as the offices usually takes time to queue, and the Swiss license is not printed on the spot anyway. Count min 2-3 working days.


Procedure Per Snail Mail

1. Complete the form Application for a Swiss driving license on the basis of a foreign driving license (220) accessible via the Start button below.

2. Gather all the requested documents according to the instructions on the form according to the desired category.

3. Send your complete file to the Automobile and Navigation Service (SAN).


Cocooning tips :

  • Heads up: Categories as per your valid foreign licence. If your licence indicates professional categories such as trucks, caravan, etc OR you are over 75years old, further requirements apply. If you don’t need professional categories, you have to fill an extra form to renounce to them.  

  • You need an eye view test, signed and stamped by any Swiss-based optician.

  • Make sure you add all required documents to your mail :   - A color photograph with the first and last name on the back (recent photograph, 35 x 45 mm format, not scanned, not printed, without headgear or uniform). The background should be uniform and neutral. The photo will appear in black and white on the driving license. - Copy of residence permit - Your original and valid foreign driving license. In some cases, an official translation is required. If the exam date does not appear on the document, a certificate from the driving license issuing authorities is necessary.


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