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Practical tip – Immigration - NEW Cross-border workers procedure (G permit) since January 1st, 2022

HR professionals and cross borders heads-up!

From January 1, 2022, the request for border authorization is made directly to the Population Service (SPOP) of the canton of Vaud. The forms (initial request, renewal, modification) is available on

Step by step :

  1. Applications (taking up a job, renewing the border permit or other announcements of changes) is made exclusively through the website, on this page (

  2. Once the request is processed, an invitation to go to the Biometrics Center for the border person is sent to the employer, accompanied by an ISR for the payment of administrative costs related to the establishment and dispatch of the permit.

  3. It is up to the company to send its cross-border employees to the Biometric Center. (Since July 1, 2021.)

  4. The persons for whom the invitations are intended must make an appointment at the Biometrics Center in Lausanne. The procedures necessary for making an appointment appear on the invitation.

  5. Permits, once issued, are also sent to employers by registered mail. It is up to the latter to hand them over to their cross-border staff.


  • The notices of end of validity (AFV) of the border permit is sent to employers so that they can carry out or, notify their border staff to take steps to renew their permit.

  • The employer is jointly and severally liable for the payment of the invoice to the SPOP. He is free to assume the cost or re-invoice it to the employee.

  • The Canton of Vaud issues cross-border work permits to people who exercise their professional activity in the canton of Vaud, regardless of the location of the company.

  • The G permit (cross-border) must be updated with each change of employer or name (a new request must then be issued).

  • The data recorded by the Biometrics Center are valid for 5 years. It is therefore not necessary to go to the Biometrics Center if the card is renewed within 5 years.

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