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Practical tip - Looking for a cleaning maid or other help in and around the house ?

Updated: Jan 28, 2022


Time is precious and a day has only 24 hours… Time to get some help to have the house cleaned?

  • A renown professional service: Batmaid,

  • An independent cleaning company of human size: Queiroz Cleaning Services, phone: 079 159 64 52,

  • Should you have found your ideal independent cleaning lady, you must declare her work to social security administration offices:

Handyman & Co

A handyman might be faster to build up that new cupboard?

  • Gardener, a handyman, a hand for your move, a babysitter, a dog sitter, a maid, a tutor;

  • Lamps, build up furniture, little craft works : Handyman Multiservices Sàrl, Stephane Léderrey, phone : 079 322 27 94

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