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Practical tip – Plan to drive on the highway?

31 January is the deadline to place your highway sticker 2022 on the front glass.

Purpose ? The sticker allows you to drive on the highway. It is one sticker for all, whether you are a tourist and driving through Switzerland once or a long-term resident driving on the highway daily.

What is it? As pictured in the Cocooing image, the sticker’s background color is metallic purple. The vintage is light blue on the self-adhesive side and white on the front.

Validity ? From December 1, 2021 to January 31, 2023.

Where to buy? The sticker can be purchased in petrol stations, garages, post offices, automobile services, customs offices and some grocery stores.

How much? The price of the sticker is 40 francs as in the past years.

Where to stick it ? To be valid, the sticker must be stuck directly on the vehicle at the prescribed location without the use of other materials: For passenger cars, on the inside of the windshield; For trailers and motorcycles, on an easily accessible and non-interchangeable part. It is forbidden to re-glue the sticker, after having removed it, on the same vehicle or on another vehicle. Drivers should remove expired stickers from the windshield so as not to obstruct visibility.

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