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Practical tip – Housing - Prepare your rental applications

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

Rental accommodation in the Lake Geneva area has a vacancy rate of below 0,5 % (source: OFS 2022)! Obtaining your best choice might be a challenge.

Be ready for your rental application before you start visiting.

Your application should include:

- Rental application (usually to be downloaded from the real estate’s website)

- Last 3 months pay slips

- Copies of ID/Passport

- Copy of work permit if applicable

- Extract of non-dept

- Copy of Liability insurance policy (not an obligation but a plus)

If your documents are not ready yet and you can submit only a part of the above list, some real estate would consider the application as incomplete and as a result, won’t attribute it to you.

Tip for newcomers:

1) If you have not worked in Switzerland for 3 months or more you can provide the work contract instead of the 3 month pay slips.

2) While waiting for your actual permit to arrive, you can provide your “attestation of residence” and the permit application. The attestation can be requested at the city hall.

3) The extract of non-dept is normally not requested for new arrivals in Switzerland. However, even if you have just arrived a few weeks ago and are residing in a temporary accommodation and are registered at the city hall, you can request it. Cocooning has guidance for you in the attached pfd, which may help to order it.

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Download PDF • 592KB

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