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Practical tip – Housing - Temporary housing rental

Updated: Feb 1

First flat in Switzerland is probably furnished and temporary because your stay is rather short or your move of household goods takes time. In addition, you probably want to take your time to explore the different neiborhoods of Lausanne, consider the countryside versus city and residential villages.

Temporary apartments are expensive because dwellings are an all-in solution, including utilities, oven times insurances, internet, bed linen, dish ware and eventually parking.

Please remember to ask for a proper rental confirmation/contract, which you will need for the registration at the town hall.

A non-extensive list of providers:

Alternatively, should you decide to rent an unfurnished permanent flat upon arrival and you don’t like to start in a “camping” mode, you may rent furniture.

We recommend the basic kit, which includes all you need for your daily routine. Check out our preferred provider:

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